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Research show apps extremely effective as marketing tool

Dated Friday December 23, 2011

Tags: marketing, usabilty, ux

Onderzoek: apps waanzinnig effectief als marketing tool

A recent study confirms the expierence of marketeers: apps and webapps are extremely effective as marketing tool.

Research shows that apps and webapps solve the marketing problem of a change in focus from tv to mobile. By using apps potential customers can truly engage with the brand, something tv never offered. Users can trade personal information for brand related benefits.

Double advantage in apps

“We found a double benefit,” concluded Robert F. Potter, director of the Institute for Communication Research of IU Bloomington. According to Potter users experience a deeper relation with the brand though apps and webapps then though tv or websites. The first advantage is that the app increases the interest for your brand or products. The second advantage is that the apps changes the attitude of the customer towards the brand. Both elements combined will increase sales.

Potter supervised several user experience tests to measure the impact of brand related apps on different audiences. One of the most remarkable conclusions was that information offered in apps was perceived as personal. Even if it was the same information as in advertisements.

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