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How to use Google maps on your website

Dated Monday September 30, 2013

Tags: seo, webdesign

Hoe gebruik je Google Maps op je website?

This tutorial explanes how to put a Google maps map on the contact page of your website.

Get the code from Google maps

  1. Open maps.google.com
  2. Make sure your not logged in to Google. If you are, nor name will be in the top right corner. Click on your name and click on Log off
  3. Search for your company or address in the search bar
  4. Zoom and shift the map until you are sattisfied with the result
  5. Click on the small link icon (grey button with a short chain symbol on it)
  6. Click on Customize and preview embedded map
  7. Select the desired size of the map you want to use
  8. Copy the code from the text area on the bottom of the page

Paste the code into your website

You can now paste the code into your website. If you use a content management system:

  • type "mymap" on the position you want the map to be
  • look in the text editor for a button called Code and click on it
  • search for the position in de code where is says mymap
  • replace mymap with the code from Google Maps
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