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JQ.Mobi: de mobile and HTML5 optimized version of JQuery

Dated Wednesday January 18, 2012

Tags: webdesign

JQuery is without a doubt the most popular javascript framework. It has made programming in javscript a hell of a lot easier for all of us. Especially programming cross browser and cross platform. Now HTML 5 is taking away much of the features formally beholden to JQuery, it is time for JQuery to renew itself. That's where JQ.Mobi  comes in.

Optimized for HTML 5 and mobile websites

HTML 5 has many features that used to be impossible without JQuery. It even surpases the options JQuery could offer, for instance by offering reliable offline storage. But to unleash the full potential of HTML 5, features have to be combined in the best way possible. This is exactly what JQ.Mobi offers.

Next to being the ultimate framework to HTML 5, it also supports mobile websites in numeres ways. It creates a single platform, hiding the different quirks of the different mobile operating systems and browsers. The developers of JQ.Mobi shrunk down the filesize of there framework, making it easy to download on slower 2G or 3G connections.


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