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7 things you need to know about HTML 5

Dated Monday September 2, 2013

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7 dingen die je moet weten over HTML 5

HTML 5 is still hidden in mysteries for many. 7 clearications on HTML 5:

On all devices

One of the goals of HTML 5 is to create a language that works on all platforms. PC, laptop, tablets and smartphones of all brands and sizes. This makes HTML 5 a popular choice when reaching out to your customers on all channels.

HTML 5 does not perform evenly on all devices

Although HTML 5 defines how something needs to be presented or handled, it does not specify the timeframe within it should happen. Although smartphones and tablets are faster with each release, there still is still some difference in user experience between the platforms. This makes it critical to test on all devices.

It is an alternative for Flash

If you wanted to present your content in a "flashy" way, or build a online game, Flash was the only option available. HTML 5 has become a complete alternative. Even Adobe, the company behing Flash, has announced to switch its focus from Flash to HTML 5.

Audio still is challenging

Although HTML 5 is an alternative for Flash in almost every way, sound still has its hickups. Playing multiple sounds at the same is still not possible. This is mainly a concern for online games. Fortunatly many solutions are available on the internet, using a combination of HTML and javascript, to overcome this problem.

HTML 5 is never finished

HTML 5 is a set of specification all browser can rely on. W3, the organisation behind HTML 5, calls these specifications "living specifications". This to indicate the specification will change and expand over the years.

HTML 5 is not exactly the same in every browser

Living specifications have their drawback. Browser tend to incorporate the newest options of HTML 5, even before the specifications for the new option are fully defined. In doing so, the outcome of the option might differ from browser to browser. In time these new features become standard and browsers will implement them the same way.

There is no leading app store

HTML 5 is a specification, not a platform. This means there is no single company responsible for the implementation. As result there is no single leading HTML 5 app store, like for iOS or Android. Instead there is a growing number of app stores, from the general apps stores to the more subject specific apps store. At the moment the largest general app store is the app store of Google Chrome.

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