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How to launch a website

Dated Thursday December 5, 2013

Tags: seo

Hoe maak ik mijn website populair?

When we talk about launching a website, we mean we want the number of visitors and sales / subscriptions to go in to orbit. You did not start a website to look yourself everyday, you want to be noticed and to be succesful. But how to do it? Get a seo-expert on board? Spend hours a day on social media? By yourself to fame using adwords or other ad platforms? There are a thousand different opinions on this, and you will have to find out for yourself what works. Try out every option for a while and check the results. Continue on with most promising solutions and keep refining. Work on this untill you have found the channels that get you to success in the fastest or the cheapest.

You can compare it to growing apples. Once the first apples start to apear, you take a good look at each one of them. If they have bad spots, or stop growing, you remove them immideatly. Given the rest of the apples more space on the branch and more of the nutrients from the tree. As a result you will end up with a lot of big and joucy apples. The same applies to launcing a website: there is no way of telling what wil work before you start. But by paying attention and stop doing what doesn't work and spent the time and money that becomes available on what does work, you will get results before you know it!

Know what works

You need to know what works. This means you need to maesure the effect. What you need to know:

  1. How many visitors more do I get after each SEO improvement?
  2. How many people read my tweets and click on the links?
  3. How many people click on my ads, and what ad does work?
  4. Etc.

You need to check this on a daily, or at least weekly basis. Establish for yourself how many visitors you expect before you invest time or money. Compare the results and decide wether or not you want to continue with the choosen social network / add / seo partner.

Visitors is the start, conversion yields the result

Maybe an ad brings in hundreds of visitors. But only a small percentage actually become customers. And although only a fraction of the visitors come in through social media, almost all of them start buying. Just to show how important conversion is. You don't only need to know how many visitors come in through a certain channel, you need to know how many actualy become customers or subscribers (depending on your goal). You need to know what channel will bring those big and juicy apples!

Thousand piece swiss army knife, or a few effective tools

Most use Google Analytics to measure there statistics. And when it comes to statistics, there almost nothing Google Analytics cannot tell you. That is good news for SEO experts, but bad news for the rest of us. Because Google Analytics can do some much, it will take you weeks to learn how to do it all. You need a tool that gives you the answers we discussed in this article right away. Conversion Analytics gets you these overviews directly after installation (copy / paste javascript into your website). This gives starters and avarage website owners the tool to grow.

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