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Linkbuilding using Askives

About Askives

Askives tries to give you an straight answer for any question you may have. Implementing artificial intelligence you will most likely get what you were looking for.  Now featuring documents to help your research!

Visit the website: http://www.askives.com

How to get links from Askives to your website

Askives gives you a limited number of pages or websites as possible answer to a possible question. When a question is asked, Askives stores the result pages and makes it available for other search engines to index the page. If your link is among the answers on the website, search engines like Google will see this as a link to your website. The links on the pages don't have a nofollow tag, which means the links realy count as valuable links to youre website.

If your website does not apear in the results, you can add a comment on the buttom of the page with a link to your website. This link will have a nofollow tag, decreasing the value of the link. If you just started your websites in the past couple of weeks, even this links help to get your website started.

Contact Askives

You cannot submit your website to Askives. Askives indexes the web by it self. All you can do is write pages on your website that give unique answers to unique questions. This will get you on the result pages of Askives. From time to time you can submit the question you wrote a page for to check if yourwebsite is among the answers.

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Linkbuilding using linkwebsites and open directories in general

The aim of linkwebsites and open directories is to categories usefull links on the internet for its visitors. Each link is welcome. This makes the types of websites an easy way of acquiring backlinks. In most cases you can request a link to your website by mail or using a online form. To increase the chance on succes, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Be polite in your request
  • If the website uses categories, pre-select the catogorie your website should be in
  • Be clear and honest about the content on your website

Warning: although most linkwebsites genuinly offer a service to their visitors by providing useful links, there are websites that are simply made for linkbuilding. Google has a active policy against these websites and penalizes websites with links on these websites. So if it sounds to good to be true, stay clear from the website or offered service.

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