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Dated Monday December 9, 2013; comments

Everybody has its own ritual for browsing to information. Some over an hour in the morning to read to the whole paper first the first to the last word. Others scan the headlines, maybe read one or to articles and run of to work. The same goes for information read on mobile. Reading a blog in between to busy meetings is not the same as taking your time to read when your at home on the sofa.

Nieuwe app store concureert met zowel Apples App Store als Android Market
Dated Saturday December 7, 2013; comments

HTML 5 offers web-developers a platform on which they can develop for all platforms and all mobile and tablet devices at simultaneously. One drawback of HMTL 5 apps they is often mentioned is that the apps are not visible in any app store. Which means the developers can not earn money by selling the apps through an app store as they would do with iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps.

Hoe maak ik mijn website populair?
Dated Thursday December 5, 2013; comments

When we talk about launching a website, we mean we want the number of visitors and sales / subscriptions to go in to orbit. You did not start a website to look yourself everyday, you want to be noticed and to be succesful. But how to do it? Get a seo-expert on board? Spend hours a day on social media? By yourself to fame using adwords or other ad platforms? There are a thousand different opinions on this, and you will have to find out for yourself what works. Try out every option for a while and check the results. Continue on with most promising solutions and keep refining. Work on this untill you have found the channels that get you to success in the fastest or the cheapest.

Meet je adwords conversie
Dated Friday October 18, 2013; comments

We all love to improve sales. In order to improve the sales on our website we improve the traffic to our website. One popular way of increasing the traffic is the use of Addwords. Using adwords will improve the traffic to your website, but will it improve sales? You know how much the ad campaigns are costing you, but do you know how much they bring you? To find the answer to this you need to know the conversion rate of your adwords campaings. Once you know the conversion rate, you can use the following formula the get the cost for adword per order:

Mobiele websites worden anders gebruikt
Dated Monday September 30, 2013; comments

With the growing number of smart phones worldwide, the number of mobile friendly website grows as well. A mobile friendly website simple means that is designed for viewing and use on mobile devices as smart phones.