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Linkbuilding using Facebook

Links on Facebook do not count as backlinks. They will not get you higher in Google. Does that mean that Facebook is useless as a linkbuiliding opportunity? Not at all! The real trick when link building is to have your visitors do the linkbuilding for you. If you can interest visitors that have a website or blog them selfs for your website, they might starting to write about it. That is bound to get you some backlinks. But in order for them to love you, they need to know you. Since about 1 on 5 people on the world are using Facebook, its the best place for starting to spread the word. Some tips:

Create a fan or business page

A fan page or business page is Facebooks option for businesses that want to promote them selfs on Facebook. People can like these pages which gives you the option to create a fanbase. Post specials, discounts, coupons, news about your site and tips related to your niche.

Link your RSS feed to Facebook

You can link your blog to Facebook if you have a RSS feed. Using a RSS feed you can also automatically sync news, discounts and new products with your Facebook page. This saves you the trouble of maintaining your website as well as your Facebook page.

Promote your Facebook page (for a while)

You should promote your Facebook page for a while. This may sound contradictory, because it will drive traffic away from your website instead of the other way around. But once your Facebook page starts gaining momentum you can start using it for driving traffic (and links) to your website. You can promote your Facebook page by:

  • Adding a link to your e-mail footer
  • Invite friends an others to your Facebook page (Facebook has a find friends option for this)
  • Add a "follow us on Facebook" button to your website

Don't get distracted, keep the links in mind

When setting up Facebook, it is easy to get distracted. Don't forget you started this to get more links to your website. This means that everything on you post on Facebook should contain a link to your website. Not that the link it self counts. But your fans need to have the link that they can use in their news items or blogs when they talk about your website, products, services or offers!

Visit the website: https://www.facebook.com/

If you use Conversion Analytics, you can track traffic from this souce by add #ct-facebook to your urls when submitting the url.

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Linkbuilding using social media in general

Most of the social networks will generate useful backlinks. Although links from Twitter and Facebook will give you a short boost on your position in Google, the effect will not last. This does not mean social media is useless for linkbuilding. On the contrary! Most backlinks to popular websites are not generated or requested by the webmasters them selfs, but by enthusiastic visitors. So use social media to activly promote your website. If your website proves to be interesting enough to visitors, the first links on other websites and weblogs should start to appear within a month!

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