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Linkbuilding using Meetup

Meetups is a website on which you create groups with the goal of meeting each other in person. You can use meetup to find people with the same interest, passion or profession. If this is a useful activity for you or your company, this might be the right website for you. If not, this is not useful website for you nor for creating backlinks.

Visit the website: http://www.meetup.com

If you use Conversion Analytics, you can track traffic from this souce by add #ct-meetup to your urls when submitting the url.

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Linkbuilding using social media in general

Most of the social networks will generate useful backlinks. Although links from Twitter and Facebook will give you a short boost on your position in Google, the effect will not last. This does not mean social media is useless for linkbuilding. On the contrary! Most backlinks to popular websites are not generated or requested by the webmasters them selfs, but by enthusiastic visitors. So use social media to activly promote your website. If your website proves to be interesting enough to visitors, the first links on other websites and weblogs should start to appear within a month!

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