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7 dingen die je moet weten over HTML 5
Dated Monday September 2, 2013; comments

HTML 5 is still hidden in mysteries for many. 7 clearications on HTML 5:

Tips om de formulieren op je website te verbeteren
Dated Sunday September 1, 2013; comments

Forms are a essential tool for communicating with your visitors on your website. Sadly forms are often set up incorrectly, detering the visitor from using them. A few tips to improve the conversion rate of your forms:

De juiste kleuren voor je website
Dated Sunday September 1, 2013; comments

Every color evokes a certain emotion. Red is associated with love (or passion) but also with agression. Using blue as website color gives it a calm, strustworthy and serious look and feel. Green also evokes calmnes and relaxation, and is also associated with the outdoors and enviromental issues. Yellow as website color draws lots of attention and stimalates visitors into action. Yellow is also associated with low cost (or plain cheap).

5 tekenenen van een goede gebruikerservaring
Dated Sunday September 1, 2013; comments

The user experience of your mobile website is an essential component of engaging your visitors or customers. 5 important factors that create a good user experience:

Hoe maak je een mobiele website
Dated Wednesday August 21, 2013; comments

In the online tool for creating mobile websites (opens in a new tab) you can design your own mobile website. Using the options in the left menu, you can change the lay-out, color, title and other design options and features. Using the second tab you create a welcome / flash screen with your logo. When a option in the left menu is adjusted, the example will display the changed design.